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Mehmet Kemal Dedeman was born in Kayseri in 1903 to Mrs. Nazire Dedeman and Mr. Rifat Sukru Dedeman...

Mehmet Kemal Dedeman was born in Kayseri in 1903 to Mrs. Nazire Dedeman and Mr. Rifat Sukru Dedeman. Mehmet Kemal had to stop his formal education following the death of his father and started his own trading business at an early age.

Mehmet Kemal Dedeman worked in his trading business until he moved to Izmir. In 1924, he had to start his obligatory military service in Kahramanmaras.

After completing his military service, Mehmet Kemal Dedeman started working as a clerk at Kayseri Courthouse. In 1931, he left this job to restart his trading business. This date is a milestone for the corporate establishment of the Dedeman Group.

In 1934, Mehmet Kemal went to Ankara where he developed his food business and became a building contractor. Over the following years, he completed the construction of the following airports: Istanbul-Yesilkoy, Ankara-Etimesgut, Kutahya Military Airport, and the Kayseri Plane Factory. In 1945, the Turkish government started Yildirim Roads Project and Mehmet Kemal completed the building of roads between the cities of Kayseri, Kirsehir and Sivas.

Dedeman Group started mining in 1947. Chrome, zinc, lead and magnesite mines are among the first areas we operated in and exported from. Mehmet Kemal Dedeman's first tourism venture was to open the Dedeman Ankara Hotel in 1966. New investments have since been made in the entertainment and service sectors, especially in the hotel business.

Mehmet Kemal Dedeman started his journey with the love of his country and faith in his heart. He built and donated many schools and hospitals as well as supplying their equipment needs. He continued to serve Turkey and was awarded the order of merit. When he died, aged 95 on 12 Feb 1998, he was the honorary president of the Dedeman Group.