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Dedeman Mining's fundamental philosophy is to 'be respectful to the environment while producing in modern facilities'...

Dedeman Mining's fundamental philosophy is to 'be respectful to the environment while producing in modern facilities'.

Dedeman is one of Turkey's leading private chrome mining companies in terms of its production and market share. Alongside its decades long chrome ore production, Dedeman has also increasingly set its focus on producing lead and zinc.

Dedeman's vision is to increase the volume of its annual chrome and zinc-lead ore production. Also various projects which target increasing ore production capacities and producing final metal products are being carried out.

Dedeman Mining is very proud to contribute to Turkish economy through mining.

Dedeman's chrome mining operations have started in Toruntepe and Pinarbasi Mines in 1947.

In order to protect the environment, we take all necessary precautions against waste materials emanating from our mineral processing plants such as concentrator, jig and sorting facilities. We also plant forests around the plants and fields in which we work.

Dedeman Mining also has zinc-lead fields in Kayseri, Nigde, Gumushane and Balikesir; and floatation plants in Kayseri Aladağ region. Exploration studies continue without interruption in order to add to proven reserves.


Use the most advanced technologies in mining and integrated industries,

Ensure that all production complies with environmental regulations,

Become the leader in our national and international sector in productivity and trading activities.


Exploration, production and ore dressing - especially for chromite, lead, zinc, copper, gold and silver mines with national and international trade value,

Production of ferrochromium and lead-zinc production by using the most advanced technology based on R&D with qualified staff,

Efficient production at the highest quality, matching supply to demand,

Enhancement of trading activities,

By following the rules of sustainable mining.


As "Dedeman Mining", we will always adhere to the philosophy of sustainable environment, occupational health / safety and sustainable development, and will continuously develop each business process in accordance with this understanding and shape all our business plans in accordance with this principle.