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The lead and zinc mining that started in 1964 is continuing to grow with new investments...

Our lead and zinc mining started in 1964 and continues to grow with new investments. 1.5 million tons of lead, zinc and silver ore were extracted in our Kayseri and Niğde areas until 2006. 70% of the produced ore was sold to Çinkur İşletmeleri A.Ş. and 30% was exported. Oxide production in Kayseri-Aladağ region and sulfur production in Çadırkaya region. In 2008, 90,000 tons of sulfur and oxidized ore will be produced. While the high grade portion of the produced oxidized ore is sold as a minimum of 25% rich zinc ore; low grade fraction and all of the sulfuric ore are enriched and exported from our flotation facilities in Çadırkaya since the end of 2006. In the drilling works carried out in Balikesir / Balya and Gümüşhane / Kırkpavli regions, more than 5 million tons of lead-silver ore has been detected and the studies for increasing the reserves are continuing rapidly.

Zn22 - 26 % Cl50-70 ppm Pb64 - 69 % K2O0.04 % 
Fe13 - 16% Cd300-600 mm S2%Ni4 ppm 
Pb1.5 - 6 %Cu10 - 20 ppm As37 ppmCr10 ppm 
Ag10 - 50 gramNi40 ppm Sb21 ppmIn1 ppm
Co10 ppmSn15 ppm Bi1 ppmCo2 ppm 
MgO0.01-0.03 %SiO2     2 - 8 % Zn2 - 3 % Ba45 ppm 
  Size Distribution-30 mm:100% Fe3 -5  %Sn8 ppm 
     Cu40 ppm CaO0.4 %
     Cd153 ppm Hg7 ppm
     Mn90 ppm Se10 ppm 
     MgO0.02 % Te1 ppm 
     Al2O30.5 %Na2O0.01 % 
     SiO21 - 2 %Ag250-350 gram
       Size Distribution-0.20 mm