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Dedeman Mining has been making efforts to spread its activities throughout the country since its establishment, and has pioneered the construction of many schools, dormitories, hospitals and public housing by making it a principle for structuring its social activities...


50. Yıl Dedeman Primary School, Kayseri, 1973
Kayseri Benevolent Corporation Student Hostel, Ankara, 1973
Yahyalı Religious Vocational High School, Kayseri, 1973
Yaşar Dedeman High School and Teacherage, Istanbul, 1986
Dedeman Primary School, Ankara, 1988
Mehmet Kemal Dedeman Primary School, Antalya, 1989
Mehmet Kemal Dedeman Primary School, Kayseri, 1993
Pınarbaşı Religious Vocational High School, Kayseri, 1993
Mehmet Kemal Dedeman Minerology Laboratory, Istanbul, 1999
Umut Önal Sports Hall, Kayseri, 1999
Dedeman Erzurum Anatolian Hotel Management and Tourism Vocational High School
Erzurum, 2000
Şahinur Dedeman Computer Laboratory, Kayseri, 2004
Nimet Dedeman Computer Laboratory, Kayseri, 2006
Nuh Naci Yazgan University, Kayseri, 2011-2012
Abdullah Gül University, Kayseri, 2011-2012


Trafik Hospital, Ankara, 1970
Berna Dedeman Public Health Centre, Antalya, 1991 Erciyes University Medical Faculty Mehmet Kemal Dedeman Oncology Hospital, Kayseri, 1998
Şahinur Dedeman Bone Marrow Transplant and Stem Cell Research Centre, Kayseri Oncology Hospital, Kayseri, 2009


Rıfat Şükrü Dedeman Mosque, Istanbul, 1990
Mehmet Kemal Dedeman Mosque, Kayseri, 1973


Kultepe is located 20 km in the northeast of Kayseri. The area dates back to 2000 BC when it was the centre of the Kanesh Kingdom and the main city for the trade colony of Assyria. Prof Dr Tahsin Ozguc started the first excavations here in 1948 on behalf of the Turkish Historical Society and continued for 60 years. In 2011, the Dedeman Group achieved another first when it sponsored these excavations.

Kultepe was actually known as Kanesh and Nesa in the cuneiforms of the past. According to Mesopotamia documents Kanesh was also the oldest kingdom of Anatolia during the last quarter of 3000 BC. In archaeological literature Kultepe has been known by its present name since 1871, when it was mentioned in the first known Cappadocia cuneiforms.


The Umut Foundation was founded to elevate our youth – the guarantee of our future – to act individually while adhering to the superiority of law, be sensitive to the environment and humanity and settle disputes peacefully.

One extreme of violence is individual arming. The opposite is reconciliation and spreading a culture of peace. The foundation inspires peace and prevents the arming of individuals through meetings and scientific studies, and it holds annual disarmament-themed competitions with individual awards. The Umut Foundation believes peace culture will be possible only when superiority of law is assured. To this end, the foundation features academic studies and provides training on ‘how to be a citizen’ who can develop an awareness of human rights, ensure the belief of superiority of law and adopt a culture of compromise throughout society.


The secret of success is to see the target as clearly as possible in every situation and create touchstones suited to quality rules to reach success with optimal efficiency.

It’s possible to identify the target that will lead you to success by comparing examples, evaluating the current socio-economic and technical landscape, and by designing the future accordingly.

Research and development is necessary for companies that must take firm steps to lead society. The primary aim should be to give society the right service at the right time.

The MKD Project Competition – created in 2004 – is held in two divisions each year to add value to our national mining and tourism sectors. It aims to encourage the creation of unique ideas and commemorates the Dedeman Group founder, Mehmet Kemal Dedeman’s mission and targets.